Windows Mobile Cache Navigation &Management Made Simple!

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BeeLineGPS is a high performance Windows Mobile cache navigation and management software tool. Import GPX files and manage thousands of waypoints with the advanced Waypoint Manger. View, manage and hunt geocaches with ease and confidence while having fun, a perfect paperless solution. BeeLineGPS also includes active waypoint technology where a waypoint can trigger a warning window for speed traps, safety cameras or play a sound byte while on a guided tour. Other features include waypoint averaging, altitude profiling and a comprehensive trip computer. BeeLineGPS is the ultimate GPS tool for your geocaching and outdoor needs.

BeeLineGPS waypoint database can support thousands of waypoints with over 120 icons to  depict specific locations. If you don't see a specific icon, ask for it and we'll add it.

  • View Geocache Information as seen in the original website
  • Export tracks to Google Earth XML format (learn more...)
  • Comprehensive Trip Computer
  • Advanced Analysis Plotting
  • Import GPX files with geocaching support
  • Advanced Waypoint Management

BeeLineGPS has specific features to help the Geocacher find and manage the cache. With many Geocache icons, BeeLineGPS can help identify found, attempted, new and other cache states. Below shows the states and icons associated with these states. BeeLineGPS will also show detailed information using the web browser for each cache by simply clicking on the cache waypoint on the map.

Using the GoTo waypoint feature along with the map screen, you can zero in on to the cache using the on-screen direction finder.

Archived or missing This icon shows that this is an archived or missing cache.
Attempted Shows that an attempt was made to find this cache, but has not yet been found.
Bonus This icon is handy to show bonus caches
Earthcache Indicates that a unique geological features exist here.
First to Find Shows that this cache was a First to Find! (FTF)
Found This icon represents a found cache, but not yet recorded on the Geocache web site.
Found and recorded This icon shows that this cache has been found and recorded on to the Geocache web site.
Future Cache This is a future cache -- The date on the cache shows a date this is in the future from the current date on the Pocket PC.
Letterbox Cache Shows that this cache is a letterbox cache where only clues give you the location of the cache.
Milestone Shows that this cache was a personal milestone.
Multi Cache Shows that this cache is part of a multi-cache.
My Cache This icon that this is a cache that you have hidden.
Mystery Cache Mystery or puzzle cache
New Cache If the cache has been placed within 30 days of the current date, then the "Not Found" icon will show as a new cache icon.
Not Found This is the standard icon for caches that have not yet been found.
To Do This icon shows that you plan to find this cache and is still on your to do list.
Unknown Cache Same as Mystery Cache
Virtual Cache Indicates a cache made of a location. Point of Interest.

BeeLineGPS includes a comprehensive trip computer that will allow you to show the distance to a specific waypoint, show total distance traveled (odometer),  total altitude ascent/descent, percent grade/hill climb, bearing and many other items. The trip computer contains over 30 programmable trip computer items.

Trip Computer Fields

Altitude Difference
Average Grade
Average Speed
Average Grade Ascent
Average Grade Descent
Battery Status
Bearing (numeric)
Bearing (symbolic N,S,E and W)
Cross Track Error
Distance to Waypoint
ETA (12/24 hour mode)
ETE (12/24 hour mode)
Heading (numeric)
Heading (symbolic)
Maximum Altitude
Maximum Gradient
Maximum Speed
Minimum Altitude
Minimum Gradient
Time (12/24 Hour)
Total Altitude Ascent
Total Altitude Descent
Trip Duration

Import and waypoints using the standard GPS Exchange format (GPX). Export tracks to GPX, CSV and Google Earth KML format.

BeeLineGPS Features

Simple mapping

  • Tracks

  • Export Tracks to Google Earth KML files (learn more...)

  • Map Modes: Course Up and North Up

  • Programmable navigation fields (Map and Trip screens) (Bearing, Bearing Symbolic, Cross Track Error, Distance to Waypoint, ETE, ETA. Heading, Heading Symbolic, Odometer,  Speed, Max Speed, Maximum Altitude, Minimum Altitude, Average Speed, Trip Duration and Altitude Difference (max-min), gradient (min,max and average), altitude total ascent/decent and more)

  • Altitude, speed and acceleration profiling

  • Waypoint management - thousands of waypoints (PDA memory limitations apply)

  • Waypoint Averaging

    • Programmable Dilution of Precision (DOP) threshold to enhance average calculation

    • Standard deviation of the position to show the position accuracy

  • Waypoint Projection

  • Support for GPX and CSV files

  • Active waypoints - Trigger message events

  • Setup active waypoints to play a sound file when they are within a programmable range

  • BeeLineGPS can alert when you are near a geocache, safety camera.

  • Multiple screens

    • Analog gauge panel - Altitude, speed, compass and vertical speed

    • GPS Status - Position, Azimuth/Elevation,Satellite Signal Quality

    • Trip/Digital Panel

    • Map

    • Analysis

  • NMEA logging - recording and playback

  • Differential mode indication

  • Over 120 waypoint icons to choose from

  • Support for any screen resolution

  • Support for VGA screen resolution (any resolution)

  • Support for landscape and square screens

  • User configurable screens

  • Geocaching
  • Archived


    Earth Cache
    First to Find (FTF)
    Found and logged
    Future Cache
    Letterbox Cache
    Multi Cache
    My Cache
    Mystery Cache
    New Cache - Placed within 30 days
    Not Found
    To do
    Unknown/Mystery Cache
    Virtual Cache


  • Safety, Red Light and Speed camera warnings - Import GPX and CSV files

    Red Light Camera

    Roadside Camera
    Speed Camera
    • Voice Guided Tours - Setup active waypoints to trigger a sound file describing a specific location.

    • Data logging (NMEA) and playback

    • Hiking

    • Biking (altitude analysis, percent grade (max, mind))

    • Position Averaging and analysis