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Welcome to the VisualGPSXP multipurpose GPS utility. Please note that VisualGPSXP uses specific NMEA sentences to display data graphically.

VisualGPSXP is a general purpose utility for monitoring the output of a GPS receiver. Using the NMEA data from the GPS receiver, VisualGPSXP will display various statuses graphically. Tools such as a survey utility average the position and shows accuracy of the GPS receiver in a static application. Other features such as analog gauges show altitude, speed, vertical speed and direction. One additional feature is the capability to connect and share a GPS receivers data over the Internet.


  • User definable window sizes and positions

  • Multiple connection paths to a GPS receiver

    • Connect using an RS-232 port

    • Connect using the network/Internet

    • Connect or read data directly from a NMEA text file

  • Analog display instruments

    • Altimeter

    • Speedometer

    • Compass

    • Vertical Speed

  •  Graphical GPS status

    • Signal quality

    • Azimuth/Elevation plot

  • GPS Analyses

    • Monitor NMEA data

    • Static position averaging and statistics

    • Antenna mask determination

    • NMEA 0813 Version 2.0 - 3.01 compatible